My story is more like a testimony. God used this gift of photography to pull me out of the miry clay and have me stand firm on the rock. Back in 2010 I met my dear friend and photography mentor, Joleen Willis who taught me photography through friendship and apprenticeship. During this time she shared Jesus with me faithfully through scripture and real life. I ended up giving my life to Jesus in September of 2011 just 2 months after I officially started my business. God has since used photography in so many ways to draw me near to Him and depend on His faithfulness and goodness as I capture the love and beauty He created. Photography is all about the light and for me I wish to reflect the light of the world with not only my artwork but also in how I interact with His image bearers. For me faith and photography cannot be separate from one another. It is the driving force behind all I do behind the lens for the last decade and I wouldn't have it any other way

Let's get Personal

I'm so glad you are here!

These are my absolute favorite tiny humans on the planet.
+ Zander has an incredible fascination with dinosaurs and apologetics. 
+ Daniel or "bean guy" keeps us on our toes. He loves to do anything Dad is doing and would ride his balance bike all day if we let him. 
+ Jovanna is our docile easy going little girl. She has opened up my heart to a whole world of shades of pink and purple. She is adored by all 

my Kiddos

I married James a man after Gods own heart. 
Fun Facts about James:
+ Hes a lovable goofy introvert
+ He is 14 inches taller than me
+ He's the better cook but is patient as I learn

The Hubby

In my house we love donuts....a lot! Sometimes when the kids and I get up early enough we go get them from the local shop in town and drive around playing "ding dong donuts" which consists of leaving donuts at our friends door then driving away. Donuts from the Donut Factory are too good not to be shared

Fun Facts:

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thank you!

xo, Sabrina

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