• Jesus Lover Saved by Grace

  • Wife to James, His humble servant

  • Mother to Zander and Daniel a children of God

  • Passionate about photographing those created in His image

  • Spirit Driven

  • Sentimental Sap

  • I tend to favor the color red

  • Coffee Connoisseur that despises early mornings

  • Girl with a sweet tooth

  • Can't hold a tune but loves to worship anywhere and everywhere

  • I have a tendency to over use #hastags

  • Up for new adventures and exploring new places

My Story: More Like a Testimony

First of all I would like to start of saying that I am currently working in my career of choice better than I could have ever prayed for or dreamed up on my own. Although my apathy turned passion for photography turned dramatically at the age of 14 the real story is somewhere in the middle where God met me right where I was to give me this abundant life which partially consists of doing what I love. 


My story began in a hidden treasury called a shoe box of photos back in 2004. As I mentioned above I was quite apathetic towards photos and if my dad made me stand in one place too long for that perfect snap I down right despised the camera. But then I unveiled the end result of all those annoying instances where photos were not an option. In a moment I decided I wanted to do this for people for the rest of my life but without the long awkward "cheeses" I slowly pursued this teenage dream and even took some classes at my high school and college but I still wasn't getting anywhere professionally developing film in dark rooms and taking posing techniques from the 80s studio portrait format. And then I met Joleen Willis.

Joleen was an emerging photographer at the time searching for the  modern brides and fashion forward seniors. We met back when she did my maternity photos and became instant friends as I got to be a subject in my first professional photo session with a belly ready to pop any day. Afterwards even into my new role of motherhood we spent lots of time together where she shared things with me like Isaiah 61:3 and the hope of Jesus which was something foreign to me and caught my attention in this difficult season of the beginning of a long season of single motherhood. During this time a new season began as Joleen helped bring to life my previous dream of being a professional photographer. She let me apprentice under her where I learned more from experience than I had in any of my classes. All the while I seemed to ask just as many questions about God as I did about photos and later on that summer I excepted Christ as my personal Savior and surrendered to Him as Lord of my life. 

My experience is the very reason I dedicate my work unto the Lord. The blessing of actually becoming a photographer and not just a novice or mom-ographer is ultimately a gift practically handed in my lap from our Father in heaven. This is why I've chosen to only photograph people for man was created in His image. I've seen fruit come from praying for my clients before, during and after their wedding or photo session and can only hope to operate in a way that brings Glory to God. This is also why I love the full circle of life when I can photograph a high school senior, who then gets engaged, and then has a beautiful wedding, then has that undeniable glow of pregnancy that leads to a fresh newborn bundle of joy that continues to grow through out the years and I get to be along for the ride in all of this. People often recommend that a photographer pick a specialty, but I say "people, people are my specialty." You, the client are my specialty and it is always an honor be a part of your portrait photography experience.